Saturday, July 25, 2009

Karim Benzema profiles

10 | Olympique Lyonnais for now :) | Striker
Height: 1.83m. Weight: 73.00kg. Nationality: France
Born: 19/12/1987 in Lyon
First professional match: Lyon - Metz : 2-0 le 15/01/2005

Career of Karim Benzema

SeasonClubChampionshipEuropean CompetitionsCaps
04-05Lyon6 Games(-)
05-06Lyon1 Goals, 13 Games1 Goals, 1 Games (Champions League)
06-07Lyon5 Goals, 21 Games2 Goals, 3 Games (Champions League)1 Goals, 2 Games
07-08Lyon20 Goals, 36 Games4 Goals, 7 Games (Champions League)2 Goals, 11 Games
08-09Lyon17 Goals, 35 Games5 Goals, 8 Games (Champions League)2 Goals, 9 Games

Honours of Karim Benzema
  • 2005 French League 1 Winner (Lyon)
  • 2006 French League 1 Winner (Lyon)
  • 2006 French Super Cup Winner (Lyon)
  • 2007 French League 1 Winner (Lyon)
  • 2007 French League 1 top scorer (Lyon)
  • 2007 French Super Cup Winner (Lyon)
  • 2008:: French League 1 Winner (Lyon)
  • 2008:: French Cup Winner (Lyon)
Karim Benzema (born 19 December 1987 in Lyon) (pronounced /bɛnˈziːmə/ or /bɛnˈzeɪmə/) is a French footballer who plays as a striker for Ligue 1 club Olympique Lyonnais and the France national team. Benzema has been heralded as one of the leading players of France's new generation and has, to a lesser extent, been compared to the Brazilian Ronaldo by several former players and pundits, primarily due to his prolific scoring, great physique, effective dribbling, and great vision. His nickname is Le Phénomène, the French variation of "The Phenomenon", which is Ronaldo's nickname. Ronaldo is also Benzema's favorite player