Monday, February 8, 2010

table tennis view and picture


As everyone knows already, we live in the middle of the mountains semi-isolated with a very strict daily routine. We don’t see outside people too often, neither we watch too much TV or read the news. Being somehow partially disconnected from the outside world, we have to find out strategies to chill and enjoy our free time when we’re not practicing or studying. Often, we read some books; watch some movies; play videogames or surf on the web. I’m more on to books and movies, but sometimes I also use different methods.

We went shopping today, and passed by Kmart to buy some dumbbells. While there, we saw a table tennis table on sale. It cost only 52 dollars! That’s super cheap. We decided that we had to buy it. So now, we have another strategy to use our free time wisely, play table tennis. Along with the table we bought two rackets and some balls. Now, it’s time to challenge someone and hope that I still know how to play it well. It’s time to remember the old times playing it at my friends house.

Joãozinho, Mauro, Telmo, Markito, Roger, Lindinho, Zé Luis, Fininho, Bodo, Tareco, it’s time to use the skills that I learned with you guys. I hope I don’t let you down.