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The Longest Wooden Bridge in the World is ...

Horai Bridge

The Hōrai Bridge constructed in 1879 is a wooden walking bridge in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan over the Ōi River. The bridge was registered in The Guinness Book of Records as the longest wooden walking bridge (897 m) in 1997.

Horai-bashi bridge

Horaibashi , 897 meters in length, is best known as the Guinness Book of Record approved "The World's Longest Wooden Walking Bridge" . In Japan, it becomes famous every time the bridge is washed away by the Oigawa river if it floods during heavy-rain season.

Bridge in Sangkhlaburi Kanchanaburi

Sangkhla Buri is located in the far west of the Kanchanaburi province, at the boundary to Myanmar. The Three Pagodas Pass is the border crossing station to Myanmar. A big part of the district is covered by the Khao Laem Reservoir, an artificial lake formed by the Khao Laem dam in the Khwae Noi River. In Sangkhla Buri there are some very interesting places to visit.

saphan mon Wooden bridge

The 400m wooden bridge itself is well worth a visit and is the longest handmade wooden bridge in Thailand. There is a small cafe on one end which is a great spot for a drink and a view. Be careful when crossing the bridge though, it is made and repaired in a chaotic manner and you need to be careful of your footing.

Sangkhla Buri Wooden Bridges

Sangkhla Buri is located on the Thai-Burmese border about a 5 hour drive WNW from Bangkok. It is famous, amongst other things, for its wooden bridge which was built some two decades ago by its, largely, Mon inhabitants. I think it was a reasonable effort and impressive but I can’t help but feel that the Romans might have done a better job.

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